A True New York City Wedding for Michael and Michele

There is nothing like a New York City wedding! Michael & Michele made heads turn as they walked throughout the streets of Manhattan and into Grand Central Station. After an amazing day of photographing outside, it was off to the Roosevelt Hotel to wed! The couple were surrounded with beautiful flower arrangements created by Pedestals Florist, and they couldn’t look any happier than they did. To Michael and Michele; we are so happy you allowed us to capture your special day! We wish you both much love and happiness on the beginning of your lives together.

A Wedding for Nick and Nicole at the Pleasantdale Chateau

We had the pleasure of shooting a beautiful couple, at the beautiful Pleasantdale Chateau! Nicole and Nick seem absolutely made for each other, as we can tell through all their photographs. Crest Florist did a fabulous job as always with the flower arrangements, and guests danced the night away to Hank Lane’s incredible music. Guests were thrilled to celebrate the wonderful life you guys are beginning together! Congrats to you two. Fred Marcus Photography wants to thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Fred Marcus Is Feeling Social!

When Fred Marcus started his photography company in 1941, little did he know that his original client’s grandchildren and great grandchildren would be coming in for their baby’s first portraits 71 years later! Think about this for a minute! The idea fascinates us every single day and we can’t even describe the rush we get when we hear the common words, “Fred shot my grandma’s wedding!”

While we cherish these relationships with our generational friends, we can’t help to just want more. We want to make new friends, yet of course keep the old. It’s a new and exciting year and with this, everyone here at Fred Marcus Photography has caught the current bug of social networking. In 2012, we would love to have the ability to reach out to all of our current clients, friends and family. We want to share what is going on with everybody, through photos of the most monumental chapters in people’s lives. The sky is the limit!

All we ask of you, is to be our friends 🙂 Share our posts with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers. Give us your feedback, and your “likes” under our images. Your opinions mean more than you know.

We’re extremely excited that we are now able to contact you via e-mail, offering you many great promotions. We promise to treat this more as a privilege, than as an annoyance and if you’re thinking that your email boxes are just way too full to hear about our current news, you can unsubscribe at any time. But we hope you will come visit us soon! You can also enjoy our ever-changing website and blog posts, and always keep up to date with us via Facebook and Twitter. (We made it is easy to follow us, just click on the links on the left!)

We can’t wait to Socialize 🙂

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year,

The Marcus family and staff

Portrait of Baby Matthew

What’s a better holiday present than a new baby to the family?? We were thrilled for our good friends Lisa and Rusty on their new arrival, baby Matthew. He was just the cutest from his little feet to his button nose! Congratulations Lisa and Rusty and thank you for coming in! We can’t wait to watch him grow up.

Did Fred Marcus shoot your special wedding day? Then we look forward to your first baby portrait on us!! : )