Allison & David

How did David propose?  David proposed on the beach in Amagansett, New York where David’s family has a summer house.  It was July 4th weekend and the beach was incredibly crowded, but David suggested we go for a walk down to where the beach was empty.  We found a driftwood log and we were sitting and talking how happy we were and then Dave got on one knee in the sand and I (who was completely surprised) said yes!  It was a really special private moment.  When we got back to the house, both David and I’s parents were waiting – they had come in to surprise us and we spent the weekend celebrating with family and friends.

Standout Memory of the night: Our standout memory of our wedding was the first dance.  We were so happy and excited to be married – all that was left to do was party!

Honeymoon Location: For our honeymoon we spent 3 weeks in Italy.  The highlight of the trip was 10 days we spent on the Amalfi coast where we enjoyed the beautiful beaches and ate gelato every day.

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  The wedding flies by.  Take a moment to take a step back and enjoy.

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

Groom’s Tux: Paul Stuart

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift: Personalized suspenders and monogrammed pocket squares for the groomsmen.  Monogrammed bathrobes and travel cases for the bridesmaids (that is what we used when getting ready).

Something borrowed and something blue: My something old was an antique beaded handbag that was my grandmothers.  My something new was the beautiful earrings that David gave me as a wedding gift.  My something borrowed was the pearl bracelet that my mom loaned me for the wedding.  And my something blue was a pair of cute “I DO!” underwear that came from my bridesmaids.


Samantha & Scott

How did Scott propose? Scott proposed before dinner for our 3 year anniversary.  He told me he had a small gift and handed me a box filled with rose petals and a photo book (I love pictures!). Though I had a feeling I knew where the roses were heading, I tried to stay calm… The photobook was filled with memories of things we have done together.  Each page began with “remember when” until the last page read… “remember when we got engaged”? Scott then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  By the time I calmed down from shock and excitement and said I have to call my parents, they were at the door! After realizing what just happened, calling just about everyone we know, and of course toasting with a little champagne,   w e all then went to a very special dinner to let the celebrations continue .

Standout memory of the night:  My standout memory of the wedding day was our “first look”.  I was so nervous until Scott finally saw me in my dress!  Pictures that captured our first look moment will always be my favorite!

Honeymoon: We went to Moorea then Bora Bora and stopped in LA on our way home.  Bora Bora was definitely our favorite!

Piece of Advice: Enjoy each and every minute of your wedding day.  All the planning, worries, excitement and details fly by.  Take a step back and be thankful for everything you both have and enjoy the moment!

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang, purchased at Vera Wang on Madison Avenue.

Groom’s Tux: Hugo Boss, purchased at Bloomingdales.

Bridesmaids’ Gift & Groomsmen Gift: Bridesmaids gifts were Coach leather bracelets and “Sam’s Team” t-shirts to wear on the day of getting ready. Groomsmen gifts were their favorite sports team cufflinks and silver bow tie to wear on the wedding day.

Something Blue and Something Borrowed: My something blue was a piece of ivory ribbon with my new monogram, SJL and our wedding date, 9.1.2012 sewn into my dress in blue thread.  My something borrowed was my Grammy’s wedding band which I was married in. My second something borrowed a diamond bracelet from my mother-in-law which was given to her by Scott’s grandpa.





Valerie & Danny

How did Danny propose?  I was at work and received a call from the super of my building saying there was a major leak in the building, specifically the apartment above ours and it was going directly to our bedroom/closet (every girls nightmare!) He suggested I come home and move most of my clothes to the living room.  I immediately told my boss that I had to leave and she was very understanding (little did I know she was in on the whole thing).  I called my parents completely panicked and even began crying, but I jumped on the subway and was home within 30 minutes. There was a mop and buckets outside my apartment door, I was so nervous to see what a mess this would be.  I walked into a trail of flowers on the floor with a note that said, “Take the elevators to the 12th floor and follow the signs to the roof, hurry!” I got in the elevator shaking realizing what was happening and was following every sign on the 12th floor that said “Valerie….this way à” pointing me in the right direction.  The last sign was on one of the doors that led me outside to the roof.  I opened the door and there was Danny standing in this gorgeous garden he created.  Our roof is completely bare, he had artificial grass, plants all over, vases of flowers and a table with two chairs set up with champagne from one of our memorable vacations.  He proposed and of course I said YES! After I had this beautiful ring on my finger, my fiancé then hands me a box from Bergdorf Goodman with a bathing suit inside…I was utterly confused. He said pack your bags, tomorrow we are going to Bermuda for the weekend to celebrate! We celebrated that night with both our family’s at dinner and with friends afterwards.  It was the most memorable evening!

Standout Memory of the night: Without a doubt our first look.  I was very calm all day, but once I put my dress on all I wanted to do was see my husband to be.

Honeymoon Location: We went to Thailand and Hong Kong!

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Try to enjoy the wedding process and don’t stress over the little things, because it’s over before you know it!

Wedding Dress:  Vera Wang – purchased at Mark Ingram Atelier, NYC

Groom’s Tux: Brioni, Bergdorf Goodman

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  Alexis Bittar Earrings & Tumi Traveling Kit

Something borrowed and something blue: My something borrowed was my grandmother’s bracelet that she gave my sister to wear on her wedding day eight years ago and who has since passed away.  It meant so much to me to have a piece of her with me on my wedding day.  My something blue was Hanky Panky underwear!

Kelly & James

How did James propose?  In 2011, I won a Green Card in the GreenCard lottery system. I decided to try my luck in NYC, and gave myself three months to find my ‘dream job. I promised myself that, if I didn’t, I would come home to Sydney. At the time James was still living in Sydney. Though he did visit for a month later that year, he returned home to Sydney and we planned to see one another again when I returned home for Christmas.  As we both have large and active families with whom we spend our respective holidays, we have always made Christmas Eve our special day.  To celebrate, we have always gone on a picnic on Sydney’s harbour. This had been a tradition for six years. On December 24, 2011 on a beautiful sunny day, we packed the picnic hamper and went to a park on the foreshore of Sydney harbour, as we always did. The park was empty as most people are out shopping or spending time with their families, something we loved.

We opened up the champagne, laid out the cheese and crackers and enjoyed watching the boats sail by. James casually went into the hamper and took out a small box. He handed me the box without opening it, later confessing he was too nervous. He looked at me and asked,“Will you marry me?”  I didn’t say yes right away, but instead removed his sunglasses and looked at him. He asked again and I smiled and gave him an emphatic yes! He put on the ring and the rest is our personal history.  Two months later, in February, James flew to NYC and we were married in a small ceremony in City Hall. My boss, Preston Bailey, threw us a beautiful reception is his home.  Our second ceremony took place in December of 2012. The “Family Wedding” took place in a church and I wore a white Vera Wang dress and we had a wonderful time with all of our friends & family in Sydney. James and I danced the night away, it was a really special night.

Standout Memory of the night: Taking urban-romance photos on the streets of NYC with the incredible Felix from Fred Marcus and then enjoying the incredible reception hosted by my generous boss Preston Bailey & his husband Theo Bleckmann. Preston arranged a family style dinner for twenty of my dear friends. To my surprise, he had arranged for us to have a Sylvia Weinstock cake–amazing!  The best memory is just having a personal and private wedding ceremony with James. Like our Christmas Eve, we have a wedding memory that is just for us to enjoy and share.

Honeymoon Location: We have not gone anywhere as of yet.  James has only just moved to the US last week and we will have plenty of mini-honeymoons planned thought the year. We will plan our “real’ honeymoon towards the end of 2014. I am so thrilled to have him with me that waking up and seeing him every day will feel like a honeymoon in itself–well, for a bit, at least…

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:
1. Be yourself – always! Be true to who you really are, if you pretend to be someone you’re not you will be miserable and make everyone around you miserable.
2. Support your partner in all aspects of life as you will need someone to lean on someday.
3. Communicate well–with everyone in your party, your family, your vendors and your partner.
4. Take time out of your busy day (every day) to connect.  If that’s a text message to say ‘I love you’, a phone call on your way home from work, enjoying dinner together, or even going to the grocery store together. Take time out to connect. Seeing James and I have lived on the other side of the world from each other for over 2.5 years, we needed to connect everyday otherwise we would have a relationship. Thank goodness for Skype and WhatsApp!

Wedding Dress & Shoes: BCBG, 5th Ave NYC

Hair Piece: Anthropologie

Fur Jacket: Ebay from London

Groom’s Tux: Hugo Boss, Columbus Circle NYC

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift: The only people who attended our wedding ceremony was: James & Me + my best friend, Aimee Dormer. Aimee lives in the Middle East and flew out to be our  witness to the ceremony. Our gift to Aimee was a personalized leather bound notebook, as she loves to write things down–old school style. I had her initials embossed in gold on the front cover. Purchased from Graphic Images.

Something blue and Something borrowed: I didn’t have either and I don’t feel I missed out on anything.