Elizabeth & Amir, The Plaza Hotel

Amir and I met on Sunday January 27th. I was not excited at all, in fact I ran twenty minutes late just because…it was another date. I walked out of my building, a little frustrated because the restaurant was across the street to the left but he said he was waiting towards the right on 40th street. I quickly walked because it was freezing, I looked up to see this man…tall, dark and mouth droopingly handsome, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle, hands in pockets…I lost my breath. Maybe it was from the cold winter wind but I knew… he was my guy.  I was completely in love… Our wedding was a dream come true… Amir’s family lives in Israel and the Pinchasi’s are a tribe. For months I watched Amir work endless on helping his family obtain tickets and visas so they can fly to New York. Then he arranged a house and car for everyone. He made sure everyone had everything and was comfortable all while my mother and I ran all over Manhattan meeting, seeing, and choosing what we thought would make the wedding perfect. Amir and I come from such different worlds but on our wedding day, our two worlds became one. Our parents and siblings met for the first time and everyone instantly loved each other especially our flower girls who we have endless pictures of dancing, hugging, and kissing…so sweet. To see and feel the love and support of our loved ones was our biggest gift. – Elizabeth

Well, It was a cold night & I was wondering who’s this lady that I’ve been trying to meet for 3 months. We were suppose to meet at 8 pm. It was 8:25 & there was no sign and I kept saying to myself, “I hope she’s worth it”  But when I saw her walking towards me, I knew! Oh yeah I knew. The best part of the wedding was the ceremony, watching my bride walk towards me, taking her hand, stepping under the chuppah together. It was such a spectacular moment created by so many feelings. I looked over at my bride and saw my wife, my love, the one who has promised to me as I to her to stand side by side. It was amazing! -Amir

Rachel & Eric’s Laundry Room Date

Rachel and Eric met for the first time during the “Penn Preview” weekend in April 2005, just months prior to their freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania.  Eric fell in love instantly. They kept in touch through “The Facebook,” while Eric waited impatiently through the seemingly endless summer for their second in-person introduction. In September, it became quite clear that Rachel and Eric had much in common, including their freshman year dormitory and many mutual friends.  They often found themselves together at the New Student Orientation events, off-campus parties and even chose to study in similar sections of the library.  The path to friendship was carved, but Eric still wanted something more. Eric’s hopes became reality 21 days into their first college semester.  Earlier that afternoon, on his way back to his dorm, laundry bag filled with clean clothes, Eric overheard Rachel casually mention to her roommate that she intended to spend the evening doing her own laundry. Eric knew that this was his chance to set the relationship into motion.  Four hours later, he timed his re-entrance into the laundry room to follow Rachel’s arrival by moments—where he proceeded to dump all of his neatly folded clothes into the washing machine for yet another spin. Inseparable since their freshman year laundry room date, Rachel and Eric have long known that their relationship would one day lead to marriage.  And that day is finally approaching: March 8, 2014!