I just wanted to thank the 3 of you for helping to make Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah what it was. Brian, the posters were unreal and the slow motion you talked me into was a huge hit! I can’t wait to see it all! Judi, the montage and entrance videos made the night! No one had ever seen anything so good! Andy, I don’t have to see my proofs to know what an incredible job you did! I was relaxed during the photo session because you made it so easy!! Samantha loved you and can’t wait to see her pictures! Thank you!!!!!

Photo of The Week: A Cultural Beauty!

Last weekend, Hermin and I photographed Nancy and Tilak’s wedding at The Grove; it was insanely beautiful!  The day started with a traditional Hindu ceremony and continued with a grand reception. Congratulations Nancy and Tilak!


Sally & Mark

How did Mark propose?  The story of our engagement requires a funny background story about my 21st Birthday.  Around 5 years ago, I was a junior in college in Philadelphia and Mark was working as an investment banker in New York.  His hours were brutal; he was working twenty hours a day and hardly getting any sleep. Somehow my 21st Birthday was unfortunately overlooked from inside Mark’s office.
The day after my birthday, my doorbell rang; As I opened the door, I saw a flower deliveryman standing there.  At first, I was thrilled Mark was making up for forgetting my birthday, but I was also confused because the delivery man was holding a clay pot..filled with only dirt.  Yes, Mark sent me a pot of dirt with rose seeds for my birthday. He was so exhausted that he accidentally selected the wrong item on the florist’s website.  Needless to say, our running joke became “how could you buy me DIRT for my birthday?”
Flash forward to October 2012. Mark and I were in Paris and we had just finished lunch at Angelina’s a cafe next to our hotel on the Rue de Rivoli.  It had just started raining, so Mark suggested we quickly go back to our hotel room to grab an umbrella.  I opened the door and my heart skipped a beat as I saw a trail of beautiful white rose petals leading me through the room.  I followed the petals to a table in the middle of the room, and on the table lay a pot of dirt containing a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Standout Memory of the night: My standout memory was at the end of the ceremony when we were walking back down the aisle. It was so exciting to officially be Mr. and Mrs. Friedman. Seeing all of our best friends and family clapping and cheering for us was incredible. At the end of the aisle, Mark picked me up and kissed me – it was the perfect end to the ceremony. As he was carrying me out of the ceremony room, my veil got stuck on something and fell off. Some brides might have freaked out, but I started hysterically laughing. I’m usually such a klutz, so this actually was perfect and made the end of the ceremony so “us.”

Honeymoon Location: We went to Tanzania and the Maldives.

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Try to stay together as much as possible so you have the same memories of the night. Make sure to take a moment together to soak it all in – go to the back of the room and just watch the party. It is really incredible to see your friends and family all together, dancing, partying, and celebrating all because of you.

Wedding Dress: Monique Lhullier – Monique Lhuillier on 71st St. 

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  The bridesmaids received monogrammed robes and makeup cases, and infinity bracelets by Alex Mika Jewelry. The groomsman got personalized bobble heads.