Profoto: In A New York Minute with Brian Marcus

When I was growing up just learning the ropes from both my grandfather Fred and father Andy, I always remember being so proud that they were not only great photographers but they were more than that.  Brands like Hasselblad and Canon flocked to them for their expertise and engaged them in their advertising. They must of had a different ad every season at one point.  It was just always something I thought was so cool.  So when Profoto, the legendary lighting company asked me to be a part of their advertising for the new B1 units I jumped at the chance. Here is a look at the new ad plus a behind the scenes video of our time shooting it. Thanks Juan Cespedes for being such a great assistant and thank you to Profoto for their support and trust in me.   – Brian Marcus

Odelya & David, Battery Gardens

Odelya and David came to us at the eleventh hour in need of our services and we couldn’t be happier to have been there for them. Despite any last minute changes in their plans, the day was one that photographers and brides alike dream of.The sunset was one of the most beautiful that we have seen at Battery Gardens. Not only was the weather ideal with a hint of fall, the Statue of Liberty, the endless ferryboats, and the cotton candy sunset made a dreamlike background. Congratulations Odelya & David!

Photo of the Week: To Love, Cherish & Adore

It is a very special day when we get the chance to photograph the wedding of our niece and cousin–Hallie. Hallie and Mike are a perfect pair; the love that they have for each other filled the room and hearts of all their family and friends.  We love you both and are so happy Mike is now part of the family. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!!
-Brian, Andy & Judi Marcus