Jennifer & Gary

How did Gary propose? Gary’s perspective: From the moment that Jen and I moved to the city, she had always talked about wanting to picnic in Central Park. A few years later, while scheming for proposal ideas, I was organizing our hall closet and found an heirloom picnic basket that Jen’s mother had given us when we first moved in. I opened the basket and found a note from Jen’s mom that said ‘fill this basket with happy memories.’ I knew if I planned an extravagant proposal, Jen would know something was up. But this, she would never see coming.

Jen’s perspective: And so, on an overcast day in June, when it had just started to drizzle, there we were, the only two people walking into Central Park with a picnic basket. While I debated rescheduling for another day, Gary (likely very nervous) was on his phone  feverishly tracking the radar and reassuring me that the storm would be over soon. Right then and there, I should have known. When has a guy ever been that insistent on having a picnic! As if on cue, a few minutes after we entered the park, the sun came out and it actually turned into a really beautiful afternoon. We found a secluded spot right next to the water to set down our blanket. I could tell something was up because Gary, who is always hungry, wasn’t eating his sandwich. “I’m not a fan of whole wheat bread,” he said. I thought he was acting strange but still didn’t think much of it. The next thing I knew, he started telling me the story of how he asked my dad for permission to marry me and the rest is a blur. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Little did I know, people on the rowboats witnessed the whole thing and were clapping when I said “yes!” It was a really beautiful moment. Afterwards, we went to Daniel for a celebratory dinner. It was perfect.

Standout Memory of the night: Gary: Taking pictures in Grand Central. We were trending on twitter! Jen: Our first dance as husband and wife. Most of Gary’s family had no idea what a great dancer he has become. He has moves!

Honeymoon Location: We went to Italy, specifically Rome, Tuscany and Positano. We stayed in a castle in Montalcino, our favorite wine region and took a cooking class where we learned how to make our own pasta. We fell in love with Italy and can’t wait to go back!

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples: Enjoy the entire planning process leading up to the wedding, not just the wedding day. This way, you won’t be disappointed when the wedding is over. You will have an entire year of happy memories to look back on and cherish.

Wedding Dress: Lazaro. Purchased at Kleinfeld.

Groom’s Tux: Custom. Purchased at MySuit.

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  We gave the bridesmaids each a gift card towards their dresses. Groomsmen received a monogrammed beer glass.

Something Borrowed: My late grandmother’s gorgeous evening bag. It’s timeless.

Something New: My fox fur wrap! I wish I could wear it everywhere!