Elizabeth & Ethan

Photographer: Brian MarcusAnton Martynov  | Band: Hank Lane  | Wedding Gown: Oscar De La Renta  | Floral Design: Frank Alexander  | Make Up : Kimara Anhert


How did Ethan propose?  Ethan proposed at the New York Athletic Club, the place we first met, in front of both of our families. The proposal was magical and afterwards, everyone went to dinner.

Honeymoon Location:  Italy

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Enjoy the moment and take in every second of your wedding day!

What was your something blue and something borrowed:  I borrowed my mother in law’s diamond bangle bracelets. Not only did they perfectly match my gown but she wore them to Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah. My something blue was the blue on the bottom of my wedding shoes.

Elizabeth & Ethan: A Weekend in Southampton

We kicked off Elizabeth & Ethan’s wedding weekend with some amazing beach portraits before the rehearsal dinner. It was a cloudy afternoon but the images ended up being super unique and sexy and I was really happy with the way we were able to work with the gloomy light. The next morning the Hampton’s fog was even thicker and when I woke up and saw it creeping up from the ocean I wasn’t sure which way the weather would be going that day! We showed up early at Ethan’s family home in Southampton and we were welcomed in with such warmth. The smell of coffee and bagels filled the air and the excitement was palpable. We started outside with some beautiful beach shots which despite the thick air ended up being some of my favorite from the day. The weather held out and the rest of the day was beautiful and intimate. By the time we got to the synogogue and venue, the photos just kept getting better. Elizabeth looked beautiful and their happiness was contagious. – Brian

Photographer: Brian MarcusAnton Martynov  | Band: Hank Lane  | Wedding Gown: Oscar De La Renta  | Floral Design: Frank Alexander | Make Up : Kimara Anhert

Stacey & Josh

Venue: Pleasantdale Chateau| Florist: Atlas | Photographer: Felix Feygin, Juan Cespedes| Band: Hank Lane | Planner: Chandelier Events | Engagement Ring: Josh Levkoff

How did Josh propose?  Our proposal story:http://howheasked.com/stacey-and-joshua-proposal-in-italy/

Standout Memory of the night:  Watching our guests having a great time from the balcony above the dance floor.

Honeymoon Location:  We went to Hawaii!

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Find time to EAT!!

Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai

Groom’s Tux: Theory

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  Bridesmaid’s: Custom hoodies with their initials and custom duffel bags with monogram luggage tags. Groomsmen: Custom etched whiskey with two custom rock glasses in wooden engraved crates.

What was your something blue and something borrowed?: Something blue was a ribbon pin with a special photo locket pinned to my bouquet with photos of loved ones who were unable to be there (no longer with us) – borrowed was mom’s veil that she wore at her wedding.

Julia & Edward

How did Edward propose?  I’ve always been a candy lover and throughout our relationship we’d always share a big bag of sour gummies. One day I walked into Dylan’s candy bar with my mother and picked up a chocolate bar – it said I’m a lucky winner and that I have 60 seconds to make a free bag of candy. When I went to fill up my bag I grabbed sour belts and in the bin was a big sticker that said Julia will you marry me. I looked around wonder where Ed even was, and then he took off the head of his costume, he was dressed up as a choclate bunny. Turns out he was watching the whole thing happen, I just thought it was a stranger under there!

Standout Memory of the night:   Standout memory from our wedding night was when we both step out of the wild crowd of people dancing to take a breath worrying that if we were gone for more than a minute the crowd would die down (since people mostly like to dance around the couple) however we were so happy to see everyone was so energized and having so much fun they just kept going.

Honeymoon Location:  Right after our wedding we flew to Asia and spent 18 amazing days learning about the culture in Tokyo, taking in the Balinese sun and eating way too many dumplings in Hong Kong.

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Make it personal. It may seem weird at the one but the guest love the meaningful touches you add. It makes them feel part of something.

Wedding Dress: Reem Acra 

Groom’s Tux: Armani Collezioni

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  Bridesmaid’scustom initialed beach clutches from Mariella Vilar   Groomsmen: custom initialed poker set from Etsy.


Julia & Edward: Gurney’s, Montauk

Gurney’s is one of the most beautiful resorts in Montauk. The views are amazing, the beach is beautiful, and the service is impeccable.
When Julia & Edward booked us to photograph their 2-day wedding there, we were over the moon. The weekend started off with a welcome
breakfast at Scarpetta Beach, then the guests made their way to the beach and spent the rest of the afternoon bathing in the sun. Dinner service was set up under the most magnificent sunset followed by a marshmellow roast on the beach. The next day Julia & Edward exchanged rings over the incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. The setting could not have been more perfect. The sun cooperated, and we had perfect soft light for the photos. The dance party afterwards was one of the funnest we’ve ever seen. All 200 guests were on the dancefloor dancing and having the best time. There was so much love in the room. We are so incredibly lucky to have been a part of this special weekend for such a special couple. Congratulations Julia & Edward!

Venue: Gurney’s | Floral Design: Peloton Group | Photographer: Andy Marcus, Felix Feygin | Beach Dress: Zimmermann | Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Custom made by Lucia Rodriguez | Wedding Gown: Reem Acra | Wedding Planner: Sarah Kerr – Ovation Travel