Raquel & Zack

How did Zack propose?  Zack proposed somewhat spontaneously, only a few hours after picking up my engagement ring.  He was working on a plan for when our family would be together a few weeks later, but after taking me to a wonderful birthday dinner at Brooklyn Fare, he couldn’t wait any longer and proposed as soon as we walked into our apartment.  It was romantic and spontaneous, just like Zack, and caught me off-guard as I am a big planner…which made it even more perfect.  It was 1am, but my sister and a few close friends got out of bed and came over in their pajamas to drink champagne and celebrate.

Standout Memory of the night:  It’s hard to pick just one standout memory…I remember being completely overwhelmed with emotion while seeing Zack’s face as I walked down the aisle, Zack’s father’s emotional response to us being wrapped in his grandfather’s tallis, and making wishes while lighting Chinese lanterns with all our close family and friends at the end of the night.

Honeymoon Location: We went to the Mayflower Inn in Connecticut for a mini-moon after the wedding, which was quiet, gorgeous, and the perfect place to unwind from the excitement of our wedding.  One month later, we went to the Maldives for two weeks, which was beautiful, relaxing and so much fun!

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Stay together during as much of the wedding as possible, so you share the same memories of the day.

Wedding Dress:  My dress was by Enzoani, and I purchased it at the White Gown.  Everyone there was so accommodating and relaxed, even though I think I tried on every dress in the store, and probably went there nearly 10 times during the wedding process.

Groom’s Tux: Zack’s tuxedo is by Zegna and he purchased it from Weiss & Goldring.

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift: I gave the bridesmaid monogrammed silver bracelets and lavender monogramed robes to get ready in (they matched their dresses!) Zack gave his groomsmen monogrammed silver cufflinks.

Something borrowed and something blue: My dress maker stitched in some blue thread to my dress in case I forgot something blue in the excitement/chaos of the day, which I of course did.  My something borrowed was an incredible diamond bracelet.  My something old was my late Grandmother’s monogrammed handkerchief which was wrapped around my bouquet.  And to complete the rhyme, my mother-in-law gave me a silver six-pence to wear in my shoe (Brian of course took great photos of this).

Testimonial: Brian was a joy to work with, and we are so glad he photographed our wedding day.  From the moment we met Brian in his office, Zack and I felt comfortable with him, and knew he would be the perfect person to capture our memories.  He was able to maintain order and efficiency with both of our large families, and help everyone feel relaxed in front of the camera.  We loved working with Brian,  we absolutely love the photos of our special day, and we will cherish them forever!

Yana & David

How did David propose? It was the night before our 4th anniversary together and David told me that we were invited to an event at the Mandarin Oriental, where we had a room for the night overlooking central park.  We got ready at the Mandarin and went to the lobby for drinks (where a waiter taking our picture dropped our camera and broke the lens).  We then asked the concierge where the event was and he told us that the information and our tickets had been left for us in our room on the dresser.  When we walked into our room it was completely covered in roses and I thought this was for our anniversary (which we weren’t supposed to see until the event was over – past midnight), before I had a chance to say anything David was down on one knee reading a poem he wrote for me and asking if I would marry him.

Standout Memory of the night: Our first dance – we ran out and danced to “you are my everything” while everyone was holding sparklers around us – its was magical.

Honeymoon Location: We went to Rome, Positano, Capri and Barcelona.

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples:  Be sure to take a minute at the wedding and soak it all in – this is your wedding and it will be over in a flash.

Wedding Dress: Alita Graham with custom Pnina Tornai belt – Kleinfeld.

Groom’s Tux: Hugo Boss

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift:  Spa treatments and catamaran rental for the day (for both), plus bracelets & spa wraps for the girls.

Something borrowed and something blue: Blue – knickers, borrowed – my step-mother in law’s earrings.

Why did you choose the destination wedding location? Being from Miami and David from New York we knew that no matter what one side was going to be traveling.  We figured we might as well make it a vacation for everyone, so we picked one of our favorite spots – Mexico!  Our first vacation together was to Tulum, Mexico which was 2 hours from where we got married.  We wanted to spend time with each of our guests throughout the week and not just for 2 minutes at the wedding.

Tips for destination wedding: Rent a catamaran for the day which will pick you up at the hotel dock and take you snorkeling and to Isla Mujeres for lunch.

Testimonial: My wife and I had a great experience working with Brian and the entire Fred Marcus team.  Besides for taking absolutely beautiful photos, they made us and our families feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process.  They were extremely professional and personal at all times.  We love the albums they designed for us and the memories they were able to capture for us on our special day.


Chelsey & David

How did David propose? We were spending the Christmas Holidays with my family on a boat in the British Virgin Islands. David found a private beach near Necker Island where we could have a picnic. He had the ring in a velvet pouch, tucked away in his swim trunks!  There was champagne packed in amongst the treats, and after the proposal we were able to spend a few hours on our own. It was great to have a small period of time when no one else knew about our engagement. When we got back to the boat, we spent the evening celebrating with my extended family.

Standout Memory of the night: Chelsey: My most memorable moment was saying our vows. I interrupted David halfway through his, mistakenly thinking he was finished. In the end it was perfect – the moment got a big laugh from all of our guests. I was happy to lighten the mood because until that point, most of our guests were in tears!  David: Walking down the aisle with Chelsey AFTER the ceremony was over, it was such an amazing feeling, the culmination of so much work, so much planning, and so much anticipation, combined with marrying the girl of my dreams, all with the backdrop of the Tuscan sunset and rolling hills.

One piece of advice that you could give to other couples: We decided to keep journals for the week leading up to the Wedding as well as during the Honeymoon. At the end of our trip, we switched and read one another’s take on our shared experiences. It was amazing how the same event could be seen so differently depending on the perspective of the author. It’s also a great keepsake from that time. The best advice – which I also received prior to my big day – is not to focus on anything that may go wrong. Once you reach the morning of your wedding, leave the worrying to your mother, sister, best friend, and/or wedding planner. Take in every moment because it only comes once – who wants to spend time on some insignificant detail you won’t remember a week from now? HAVE FUN!

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang – Vera Wang Store on Madison Avenue NYC

Groom’s Tux: Tom Ford – Tom Ford Store on Madison Avenue NYC

Bridesmaids’ Gift and Groomsmen’ Gift: I gave my bridesmaids personalized initial necklaces made by our jeweler, Suzy B. Each necklace was made in a different shade of gold. Suzy also did the groomsmen favors, which were hand engraved cufflinks depicting each man’s initials.

Something borrowed and something blue: The bracelet that David gifted to me on the morning of the wedding was my something blue. My something borrowed was Jewelry from my Mother and Nana.

Tips for a destination wedding: We planned for the wedding to look like a wedding in Italy – destination weddings can sometimes end up resembling venues where the Bride and Groom are originally from. The food, the flowers, the décor, and most of the music were all locally sourced and produced. We wanted our guests to enjoy meals, wine and flowers that were in season and native to Tuscany – so that the materials used in the wedding would be just as authentic as the beautiful view.


Irina & Leon

The rolling hills of Ravello, Italy set the scene for this intimate affair where the guests sat at long banquet tables overlooking the sparkling lights of the village below. Brian took advantage of the range of views to create a number of diverse images, from the interior of the rustic villa to the sapphire blue Mediterranean every photo has it’s own unique flavor.

This wedding encapsulated the local “La Dolce Vita” sensibility and the evening. At the end of the night, the fun loving bride jumped into the pool for some really fun “trash the dress” images.