Father's Day 2020

Ours dads are our biggest champions, our beloved companions, our sounding boards and our inner conscience. They’re our rocks, our role models, our buddies and our protectors.kkk

Over the years we have gotten to know many larger-than-life dads and had the opportunity to capture the most special moments between father and child. From the first family portrait to the first time they saw you on your wedding day, we’re happy to have shared in these beautiful memories.

Happy Fathers Day, today and every day


The Fred Marcus Family

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Maya's First Birthday

Maya’s First Birthday

“When I photographed Nicole & Roy’s wedding almost 10 years ago, I knew I had friends and clients for life. They’ve added three beautiful children to their crew including Maya; the most musical 1 year old I’ve ever met.  Happy Birthday Maya!”  -Brian Marcus

Here are some of the highlights from this adorable day at Eli’s Vinegar Factory on the Upper East side.  Click here for information on this unique New York venue.

Fall is Here!

Fall has family on our minds! We’re loving the calls coming in for portraits of all kinds. Be sure to secure your photoshoot before the holidays are upon up. Click above to get in touch!

Fox 5 Films: Still Here

“The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Those who survived had to rebuild their lives. Many of them did so in the United States. More than seven decades later few of them remain. Recently, New York City-based photographer Brian Marcus — the grandson of a holocaust survivor — set out to take pictures of as many survivors who are still here as possible. The result is a stunning book of portraits that captures the resiliency of their generation. It is called “Still Here.” All of the proceeds from the book go towards Holocaust education.”

You can watch the full Fox 5 feature here:

Buy your copy of the book:

Thank You! A note from Gabby Marcus

Thank You! A note from Gabby Marcus

There are many wonderful things about being married to Brian but one of the most unique and special advantages is the photography perk!! There’s nothing better than having unlimited access to the talented team at Fred Marcus and I feel so blessed to have the most beautiful and priceless photos of my family. From the beginning of our relationship to the most recent maternity shoot as we await the arrival of our son the photographs that we have taken over the years fill our home and our hearts.

This recent shoot with Anton exceeded my expectations. Feeling like a whale I was hesitant to do this shoot and thought I was going to hate the pictures but I am so in love with every image he captured of Brian and Alexandra and my giant belly. I’m so pleased that I have these memories and will cherish them forever. Thanks Anton! Xoxo

Thanks Anton! Xoxo

UPDATE: Freddy Marcus was born 10/09/16 – baby & mommy are doing great!