01 Feb 11



Dear Steve,

I just got home moments ago and wanted to email you before the end of your day.

Thank you very much for the time, professional talent, and courtesy you extended to my mother, my father, and me.You spent a lot of time with us today – more than I originally anticipated when I booked the appointment with you.However, you did not rush us or make us feel that you had something else to do.In fact, you were very patient and made sure that we felt comfortable with each frame in its size, position, and overall design.You also gave us a realistic time frame that was much clearer than what I had been previously told.I especially appreciated your manner with my parents, particularly when you assisted my mother into the elevator and down the steps.You are, most definitely, a gentleman.

Too often people make calls, write letters, or send emails of complaint. Therefore, I felt that you deserved to know how happy we were when we left the studio earlier this afternoon.You do not have to reply to this email (although your rapid responses to my emails are another of your virtues).I simply wanted to thank you.


Judy Goldstein


Letters that we receive at the studio like the one above are what make me love this business so much. It is our mission to make our customers so happy with the great customer service and attention we provide that they feel motivated to write about their experience. I think this says a lot about the person providing that service as well.

Thank you, Steve, for all the hard work and commitment you have provided to our customers. It is appreciated!

Andy Marcus


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