I have found someone in this business of ours that cares about quality and attention to detail as much as I do. No, this is not anyone working hands on day to day planning and dealing in myriad of details that go into planning your special day. It is someone who created a website that deals with only the highest end of the wedding business.

Kay Kestler, creator of the website StrictlyWeddings.com, has poured her heart into creating a website that would give brides an amazing look at what can be done in wedding world these days. Focusing on the most high end, venues such as The Pierre Hotel and the most talented florists such as the fabulous Ed Libby & Co., Kay features the best of the best in New York City and, of course, we are their featured photographer this month! Yea!

Take a few minutes, make a yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and look at this site. I think you will be most impressed.


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