15 Sep 14

Odelya & David, Battery Gardens

Odelya and David came to us at the eleventh hour in need of our services and we couldn’t be happier to have been there for them. Despite any last minute changes in their plans, the day was one that photographers and brides alike dream of.The sunset was one of the most beautiful that we have seen at Battery Gardens. Not only was the weather ideal with a hint of fall, the Statue of Liberty, the endless ferryboats, and the cotton candy sunset made a dreamlike background. Congratulations Odelya & David!


One Response to “Odelya & David, Battery Gardens”

  1. Donna A. Modeste, Pastor, C.A.L.M., Inc

    Dearest Dr. Odelya,
    I am so honored that you chose to share such a beautifully profound occasion in your life with me. I will forever treasure that. The photographs of you and your Bridegroom David are stunning, ethereal! You are such a beautiful, elegant Lady with a heart of pure gold. My prayer:May you both always be surrounded with love
    May every breath you both take be sweet and invigorating
    May your lives be long and free from harm as you shelter and have compassion for each other. Be united as ONE in this marriage covenant and be IN LOVE forever.


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